There’s some awesome graffiti stuff going on in Detroit right now. Graffiti legend Futura has been busy constructing his. New Horizons exhibition which is hosted by The Library Street Collective. The artworks include gyroscopes, nebulae and additional abstract figures most of them referencing Detroit culture in their titles. The exhibition was opened in June and will still be there for urban art enthusiasts to see until September, 3rd. In addition to the New Horizons exhibition in the exhibition halls of The Library Street Collective, a new series named Public Matter is being shown at The BELT. Belt alley is a culturally redefined area in downtown Detroit activated and developed by The Library Street Collective and Bedrock Real Estate Services. Public Matter will be showing a rotating collection of large-scale pieces. There’s a lot to see, so come by and check it out.


Film shots

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Images by eljefe313
Source: Library Street Collective