1010 for Dubai Street Museum

1010 recently painted the opening wall for a series of murals at the DUBAI STREET MUSEUM. The rising street artist from Germany was the first to finish work on a facade of a house at 2nd of December Street, one of the most famous streets in Al Satwa. For the DUBAI STREET MUSEUM the artist 1010, who became world-famous for his thee-dimensional wall holes, painted a mural in form of the outlines of the United Arab Emirates with a colour transition from earth tones, symbolising the desert sand, to water-like blue and green tones. For this work with a size of around 75 square meter 1010 used a set of MONTANA GOLD spray cans.

1010 – Dubai Street Museum

1010 lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. After years of writing graffiti he achieved international fame for his large-scale, graphical murals. His work links the public space through colored holes that invite the viewer like doors to step into another dimension of the city. His impressive works can be found all over Europe, India and South-America, as well as in exhibitions, on canvases and prints all over the world. The current 1010 mural for DUBAI STREET MUSEUM is the first work of him in the United Arab Emirates.

1010’s current work is the start to a series of wall paintings that will be done along the 2nd of December Street in Al Satwa, Dubai. The DUBAI STREET MUSEUM is the first event for contemporary art in public space in the Middle East. For the next five years 16 well-known national and international street artists will realise murals all over the United Arab Emirates. We will keep you updated in our MONTANA CANS blog and if you are in Dubai, we recommend you to watch this impressive new 1010 mural live!

Images by Rom Levy

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