The Montana Cans MARBLE 400ml range has been the can of choice for many creative people all over the world when it comes to spraying marble effects. But even though this can doesn’t have it’s origins in graffiti culture, it was no surprise that the graffiti writing community would celebrate it’s characteristics. Regardless if for street art, graffiti or fine art. In the recent development of the Montana MARBLE 400ml in the color Gold, we were intrigued to see what would happen if it got into the hands of German artist and calligraffiti specialist, HokerOne.

Testing the new “Gold” Montana Marble 400ml color

With a timeless black colored background, HokerOne experimented with ease as the gold color ejected graciously, with impact and contrast. Complimented with some traditional skinny and fat cap line work made in the Montana GOLD colors red and white, the new MARBLE 400ml Gold found it’s without hesitation into Hoker’s basic paint kit.


With a world of possibilities just starting, the Montana MARBLE 400ml range will be the tool of choice for calligraffiti, marble effect spraying and a contemporary aerosol mark making. So watch this space in the future. Until then get inspired here with HokerOne!


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Photography by @Danny Schreiber / MontanaCans