Showing the world how to melt graffiti with graphic design

Since 1991, the French artistic duo of Scien and Mrs. Klor have been creating their own kind of visual flavor by specializing in the merge between graffiti and graphic design. What is 123KLAN about you might ask? In their own words, “when street knowledge meets technology, and graffiti art melts with graphic design”. It only takes one look at their portfolio to understand that this statement is spot-on, even more so when lucky enough to see their work in the flesh.

In their most recent mural, 123KLAN graced the beautiful shores of Hawaii to participate in the prestigious 10th anniversary of POW!WOW! HAWAII festival. Re-iterating that they do not disappoint, Scien and Klor created a Montana GOLD fueled mural that displayed the classic 123KLAN mural talent that they are renowned for that drew from many of their inspirational creative sources. Typography, a nod to vector inspired graphic design, references of transformer robots, cheeky illustrative characters and not forgetting some of their classic street smart graffiti-style writing. Outstanding technique and image knowledge served as a solid basis for their strong finished product.

To the amazement of onlookers, they once again managed to bring all these cultural and visual impulses together into one cohesive street art mural. Inspired and motivated by the now-famous positive POW!WOW! HAWAII atmosphere, it didn’t hurt that the weather played along as well. Take a look here at the 123KLAN mural coming to life at the POW! WOW! HAWAII 2020 10th anniversary festival.

Final wall by 123 KLAN in Kakaako, Oahu

Images by MONTANA CANS / Jok Sauer & POW WOW HAWAII / Ian Lundie