1XRUN x Montana Cans collabo can – Don’t just follow us. Run with us.

The Detroit-based publishing house 1XRUN has been steadily going about its business since 2010. What started as a small gallery space in the then, regenerating creative melting pot of Detroit, has since become one of the global online destinations for the purchase of limited edition art prints. Times have changed! Who wants mass-produced artwork that is lovelessly produced and can be seen hanging in every second house or studio? Artwork is not only something to view, be inspired by, or decorate your living spaces with, it’s a reflection of the person who collects it. A window into who they are, what makes them tick, or what’s going in their lives at the time they collect it. Collecting art is no longer only for the rich or the academic. As the street art, urban art, and graffiti writing communities around grow and mature, so does their taste in the art that they want to have in their lives. 

Limited Edition Series available in North America only!

1XRUN (“one-time run”) knows all about this. They figured it out long ago. For over 11 years now, they have been empowering fans to shape their art collections while supporting the artists they collect through exclusive, limited-editions and original artworks. At the core of every artwork is the universal x-frame symbol. The symbol says “insert artwork here” without needing to say a word. The symbol that has also become the basis of the 1XRUN identity, itself an icon of creativity.
The collaboration between 1XRUN and MONTANA-CANS was the next logical step. And the celebration of the 1XRUN 11th anniversary was the perfect occasion to create a can as unique as the artwork it can create. The leader of the limited edition print game, collaborating with the leader of the spray can game. The product; the spray can. A tool that is the icon of art on and from the streets. The preferred tool for muralists and graffiti writers globally. Within this recipe, the 1XRUN x Montana Cans collabo can is born. A beautiful extension of the Montana GOLD color “Blue Magic”, that is loaded with the Montana Skinny black/black cap, for precision and aesthetics.

Don’t just follow us. Run with us.

The significance of the universal x-frame has now gone to another level. Pushing forward contemporary art-making tools, just as 1XRUN does for artists and fans. In the words of the 1XRUN crew, “Don’t just follow us. Run with us.” A statement of inclusion that will motivate the 1XRUN and MONTANA-CANS teams, the artists, and supporters, for generations of art creation and collection to come.
Just like the exclusive single print runs 1XRUN is famous for, this can and its legacy will soon become part of the personal art history for those who were quick enough to act. This limited Edition can is available in North America only! Available at BLICK and TORONTO ART COLLECTIVE stores and online.

Available in North America only!