Taking no shorts

“Should of, could of, would of”. This may sound familiar to some, sitting on the couch after a painting session, thinking about what was missing from the artwork they just created. But not for HEIS. If you have the time, go all the way. His work ethic is real, and his style easy to identify. Every painting a progression from the last. With one letter often being the anchor point, HEIS freestyles the rest of his paintings, always trying to add and push in new directions. Based in Hamburg and representing the JUKEBOX COWBOYS crew, HEIS is not an overnight success. Behind his classic graffiti stylewriting style, is countless years of trial, error, and risk-taking. With a Montana BLACK in his hand, HEIS seems to have every next step programmed into his DNA. But it’s not all about him. As a member of the JBCB crew, HEIS enjoys mixing it up with the crew and needing to work together as a team, rather than just pushing his own barrow. If you want to see HEIS at work, look here at his recent feature in the German graffiti series, “5 Minutes”.