The late 80’s and early 90’s were a monumental time for graffiti. Not just due to the winding down of the then plaque-like era of train graffiti in New York. But also as it was a pivotal point where graffiti jumped across world borders and infected kids all over the globe, as it had the kids of New York some 20 years earlier. Mr. Woodland from Munich (München) in Germany, was one of those 90’s kids. Dazzled by the color blazing on walls all along the train lines, he was lured by the possibilities of this new phenomenon. He picked up his first hardware store can and sprayed in 1994. Starting with letters and classic graffiti traditions, a point came when Mr. Woodland decided that characters and figure based motifs were the path for him. Mr Woodland



Mr. Woodland

Many years passed and many Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans emptied as Mr. Woodlands skills increased. In 2013 the turning point came and he painted his first 3 story house facade. From that point he realised two things. “Bigger is better”, and that he wanted to be a professional artist. With time being an issue due to his employment, he jumped out of the system, quit his job and went back to school for some graphic and illustration training. This also opened up possibilities for time and his new life was effectively rolling. The Mr. Woodlands of today is a well travelled, highly skilled and somewhat more refined artist to the one he was back then. All though still a lover of Montana-Cans, he has not restricted himself to any one material thus enabling an open creative future. Take a look at this Arte 5MINUTE special and learn more about Mr. Woodland and his colorful world.


All images by the artist Mr. Woodland