With the current crippled state of the world travel situation, many of the Spraycations artists enjoyed up until 2019, came to a grinding halt in 2020. Some were lucky to move a little before restrictions came back into place, others didn’t even make it out of their countries or states. Let’s spare a thought for all those people stuck in countries. Countries they felt they didn’t belong in, or countries they do belong in which separate them from those they love who are in their own countries far away.

Together in separation

This is exactly the case for Australian artist Yok, and his Singaporean wife Sheryo. Once Corona restrictions came into force, Yok, who could no longer leave China, was unable to see his beloved Sheryo who was stuck in Bali. What is at first an uncomfortable situation, is later an invitation to be creative with the extra time one has been given.

Yok has done just that and made something good from a situation that for him is bad. And the fruit of his new spare time is graffiti. In an abandoned mall in China, Yok unloaded some of his frustrations and developed his graffiti writing craft. With a little help from his Montana BLACK and GOLD cans, things got a little easier to deal with, and a lot more colorful. And he connected with his beloved Sheryo on a different level. Take a look here at a Chinese version of being locked down. And may the next Spraycation be just around the corner.

Images by the artist Yok