It has become a bit of a tradition for Montana Cans to team up with a talented graffiti artist around Halloween each year, to collaborate on the Montana Cans Halloween Project. Not only because it is a great chance to crack out the Montana BLACK color “Halloween BLK 2085“, and show how amazingly it’s coverage is. But this year it was also a fantastic opportunity to get our spook on, and shine some more light on the gifted young Malaysian artist, CLOAKWORK. CLOAKWORK is a fan of the Montana BLACK’s high pressure characteristics. It allows him to work rapidly, yet accurately and transfer the excitement of his energetic designs into the dynamics of the final product. A CLOAKWORK Halloween

The Montana Cans Halloween Project

This year CLOAKWORK put the ghoul back into Halloween with a classic Dracula character, taking a bite into his letters. And possibly his cans as pictured in the photo stretch at the end of the painting. Flying pumpkins with bat wings complimented by a decapitated Frankenstein’s head and hand, which is flexing with a classic hip hop hand gesture. It was all there! Take a moment here to enjoy it for yourself.

Happy Halloween from all the team at Montana-Cans.

Images by the artist CLOAKWORK