The next Montana ACRYLIC Series introduces Anna T-Iron, a multi-disciplinary artist based in the German city of Hamburg.

Anna is always on the move, thinking of new ideas and creating something original, new and always fresh. Working as a freelance typographer and artist in Hamburg, she has also been in the graffiti scene for about 10 years, which at times also influences her lettering. Her other creativities include illustration, sign-painting, hand-lettering, body-painting, photography, hand-painted murals, customised work and these day she has even been teaching hand-lettering at the FSG school of Hamburg. At the age of 17 Anna T-Iron started creating and getting heavily into arts in the small village where she was born and raised, on the north coast of Germany. In 2011 she completed her studies in Graphic design at the HAWK Hildesheim.

She has been living in Hamburg for quite some time now, where she co-created the WeRunThis collective, who she shares her studio with. She invited us over to see her at work and we found a quite-rare atmosphere in that very special studio of hers. It was in mid- November 2016, first snow of the winter and it was cold and crispy outside but inside it was warm and cozy and her work was super hot!

It seems as though Anna does anything she can get her hands on, does it well and does it even the best using MONTANA-CANS products. She uses a very wide range of products from our GOLD and BLACK SPRAY CANS, to our MARBLE EFFECT and our ACRYLIC MARKERS of all shapes, sizes and colors. If she by chance doesn’t have the exact color she wants, perhaps because she ran out of it, she will mix it and make it on her own to perfection.


Anna is a big fan of gradients and uses them as backgrounds, outlines or fillings of letters and the color shifting she achieves is always the smoothest. As a fan of 80’s culture and visuals, she uses a lot of poppy pink (her favorite MONTANA color is LOLLIPOP), different shades of it and other shades and colors that go with it. In the video one can notice a purple-pink-orange-yellow gradient she created with MONTANA BLACK which she topped with a layer of the MARBLE EFFECT and finished with type she hand-drew with the ACRYLIC MARKERS in black. She also uses the ACRYLIC PAINT with a paint brush, creating a gradient-looking stroke that she can paint lines, shapes or letters with. It’s not only gradients she does, we witnessed her doing different types and lettering with ACRYLIC MARKERS on a variety of surfaces, creating short and catchy phrases that in the end look like perfected logos.

It’s almost impossible to catch her great range of work in one video, but we created one in which you can get a great impression of how smoothly Anna works and creates perfect compositions and lettering in just one short but thorough studio visit. Feel free to check out more of her work at her website or follow her on instagram @annatiron or facebook

Photography by © MONTANA-CANS / Jordan Katz