For some people, pigeons may not even be worth a second look. The Belgian born artists Adele Renault however, is fascinated by the inconspicuous beauty of this bird. Renault’s artworks come in many formats. Large scale murals, small intricate canvases and close of parts of their bodies. Although the works are often realistic, close ups of body parts such as breast feathers can become amazingly aesthetic abstract artworks. ADELE RENAULT MURAL IN KAOHSIUNG TAIWAN


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Pigeons are everywhere

Renault was recently invited to Kaohsiung in Taiwan to paint for a mural project that was supported by the Government of Lingya. In a land that probably has its fair share of birdlife, the amazing 3 storey artwork features subtle shifts of color and repetitive patterns that may not register to an onlooker at first glans what they are actually looking at.