Matt ADNATE is an Australian street artist that has dedicated a lot of hard work toward the issue of reconciliation in Australia. His prolific work ethic has created many paintings and murals that actively address the many issues of Australia’s dark history with its aboriginal people. Always focusing on the positive and brighter future, ADNATE endeavors to bridge the gap between indigenous, and non-indigenous Australians, doing so through his vibrant artwork.

ADNATE mural at Sidney Myer Music Bowl

Celebrating the beauty of indigenous Australian performance

In February 2020, ADNATE painted this magnificent mural at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, located in the Botanical Gardens of his home town Melbourne. A homage to the beauty of indigenous Australian performance, the mural features the DJIRRI DJIRRI Dancers and the Brown Family who contributed to this project. In a message that speaks loud and clear, ADNATE acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which he creates his work and their Elders past and present.

Using predominantly Montana GOLD and a small array of acrylic paint, ADNATE creates an almost real world of music and dance, without sound. The figures blur to abstraction leaving their songs and movement behind. The viewers, a mix of origins from around the globe including indigenous Australians, are united in respect and color.  Take a look here at the project captured on film by ROUND 3 FILMS.