If you were ever to have a nightmare and wake up smiling, you have either dreamt you got caught painting illegally by the police and woke up realizing it didn’t happen, or you have been looking at Alex Pardee’s artwork just before you went to sleep.  The Californian painter, illustrator, comic book artist, and all-round nice guy who is known for his ability to create bright nightmares, was also recently featured at POW! WOW! HAWAII’s 10th-anniversary festival.

Alex Pardee @ POW! WOW! HAWAII “Wall, I’ll be damned”

Photos by Chloe Rice and Rocom

Bringing his type of happy visual nightmare, Pardee is well received for his happy version of horror. Or as he calls it ‘Brightmares’. Amongst other things, Pardee is recognized for his cover artwork featured by the death metal band “In Flames” and Hip Hop artist “Cage”. But Pardee can do more than just work on small-scaled artwork. Give him a ladder, stick a Montana GOLD or Montana BLACK in his hand and watch as the scale of his artwork increases while the perspectives stay on point. In the meantime take a look at Pardee’s work here.

For POW! WOW! HAWAII, Pardee did not hold back. How could he considering it was their 10th-anniversary festival. His artwork titled, ‘Wall, I’ll be damned’, showed once again that concepts derived from horror don’t necessarily need to induce fear. Large areas of yellow, pink, blue and green were responsible for a bright mood. While the featured characters smiled to the viewers from their black abyss.  With the festival at a wrap and the Pardee mural firmly in place, it’s probably OK to get some sleep now. Or is it?

Images by MONTANA-CANS / Jok Sauer – POW! WOW! HAWAII / Ian Lundie / Lannycatcheswall & Brandon Shigeta

Make sure to check the full story of the mural painting on Alex’s blog

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