Rotterdam’s Feijenoord neighbourhood recently transformed into a pulsating hub of street art, urban art, and graffiti, as the ALL CAPS Event showcased its vibrant display of aerosol mastery. For the third consecutive year, Feijenoord’s structures and streets became a canvas for a myriad of international artists, reflecting culture, community, and creativity. The 2023 line-up was an impressive gathering of talents from the street art and graffiti world, featuring names like Barbara Helmer, Ricardo van Zwol, Tommy Hagen, Adrian Falkner, Jorge Charrua, George Rose, Mina Mania & Stohead, Anders Reventlov, Onesiker, Eneri, Sophie Mess, and many others.

A monumental highlight was the artwork of the Brazilian artist Eneri. Her unique Pixacao Urban Calligraphy art transformed a former Unilever factory into a thought-provoking masterpiece. The strong message in her writing resonated through the streets: “How big is the debt of developed countries in the 3rd world? The effects of colonization still persist. There can be no peace where there is inequality and prejudice.”

Backed by the unparalleled quality of Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans, every artwork shone with brilliance and precision. These masterpieces weren’t just about the end result, but the journey each artist undertook, armed with their tools and vision.

Beyond murals, the festival encompassed interventions, Super Sunday events, insights, guided tours, educational ventures, and the intriguing Sculpture House, creating a mosaic of artistic endeavors and interactions.

In essence, ALL CAPS 2023 transcended mere aesthetics. It stands as a testament to art’s power to unite, inspire, and provoke thought in urban landscapes. The streets of Feijenoord are now rich tapestries of narratives, awaiting every passerby’s gaze. Chapeau to all artists and the incredible team behind ALL CAPS!

Photography credits: @rosaquistphotography Final shots by: @mjayphotos Video credits: @CUZZO Films

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