DIY the sophisticated way

The new allspraypainted Magazine Issue #3 is now available free online and in print! For over three years now, allspraypainted has been serving the DIY and craft community with great ideas and technical tips on how to make your personal space more interesting with little more than some Montana-Cans products. Interior or exterior, at allspraypainted they have dealt with recyclingupcycling, and a bit of bicycling. With a little help from some of the world’s best crafters, designers, DIY gurus, and even now artist interviews in the allspraypainted “Meets” segment, each year they have supplied regular projects and activities with plenty of motivation.

If you ask yourself, have you ever tried the Montana ACRYLIC markersTECH, EFFECT, PRIMER, VARNISH, ACETONE, GLASS PAINT, VINTAGE, METALLIC, UV EFFECT, MARBLE, CRACKLE, GRANIT, HOLOGRAM, GLITTERor NIGHTGLOW cans and the answer is no, then it is about time you check out the allspraypainted Magazine Issue #3. Or issues #1 and #2, which are also available online for your enjoyment.

Get inspired and broaden your horizons with the allspraypainted Magazine.

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