DIY the sophisticated way

The allspraypainted Magazine issue #4 is now available online here for free and in print. For four years now, the allspraypainted magazine has been consistently summarizing the inspiring and nurturing projects being undertaken throughout the year on the allspraypainted website. A printed and free online journal that helps readers to “Create their own worlds” through interesting craft, art, and DIY projects for all skill levels. Using little more than some simple objects and a variety of Montana Cans products, in 2021 we tackled projects for interior, exterior, creative and functional, resolved storage problems, and gave makeovers, and we even heard what some artists and creators had to say in this most peculiar of times. We used materials that were new, we saved money where ever it was possible and upcycled all the objects we could get our hands on.

More time at home meant we could learn and experiment with new products like the Montana RUST and Montana GLASS paints, yet further our skills with the favorites like the vast array of color from the Montana GOLD range with all its amazing qualities. As the seasons changed, so did our needs. With projects for Christmas, New Year, Easter, and Halloween (to name a few), we had the holiday seasons covered. And with the presence of covid playing such a large influence in our everyday lives, we had the chance to hear what practicing artists had to say in the “allspraypainted Meets” interview section. We were introduced to Nadine Kolodziey and had an update from Carolyn Kaiser who reflected on her creative process both before and after the start of the pandemic.

If you ask yourself, have you ever tried the Montana ACRYLIC markersTECH, EFFECT, PRIMER, VARNISH, ACETONE, GLASS PAINT, VINTAGE, METALLIC, UV EFFECT, MARBLE, CRACKLE, GRANIT, HOLOGRAM, GLITTERor NIGHTGLOW cans and the answer is no, then it is about time you check out the allspraypainted Magazine Issue #4. The allspraypainted Magazine issue #4 is bound to light the fires of those who want to start creating and keep it burning for those who have already started. Issues #1, #2, and #3 are available free online here also for your enjoyment.

Get inspired and broaden your horizons with the allspraypainted Magazine.