Giving fine art a graffiti makeover

Although only two murals are made, VOYDER’s choice and placement makes the empty space appear complete. The talent of the English artist VOYDER is plain to see in every piece he creates. Originating from Bristol, what makes the work of the artist so interesting is that he is not just all about the classic graffiti elements. Tags, pieces, throw-ups, sketches, fill-in, outlines, highlights ………etc, yes, all these elements are there. After all, they are an essential part of the artists historic and artistic path which led him to where he is now. However what he specializes in is perfecting the highest level of contemporary illusion with all the skills obtained over hundreds of years of fine art before him. And all that, with the color and impact of the Montana GOLD and BLACK can ranges.

In a recent project where a completely empty warehouse was at his disposal, the artist set out to raise the visual bar once again. Choosing two substantially sized walls, with patience and care VOYDER successfully created the merge between his moniker in its rawest graffiti form as a drippy tag. Superimposed over photorealistic nude female forms, the figures too are treated with in-focus/out of focus layer, as if they were images being created in Photoshop.

In a film created and edited by G_pistol_ (aka Greg Pistol)VOYDER’s technique is shown in a “warts and all” manner, from the plotting of the basic forms, to the close-ups of the intricate details. Although no warts are to be seen, both murals a credit to the artists abilities, and an inviting window into what is still to come.

Images and Video by Greg Pistol @g_pistol_