When an artwork has a title like “The Rope“, it can conjure up many ideas of what this may refer to. Enough rope to hang on, a rope to tie a knot, a rope to keep things together, or in the case of Andreas von Chrzanowski (aka CASE)’s latest work titled “The Rope”, it could be to throw a rope in assistance. In June 2017, Case was invited by the PangeaSeed Foundation to go to Churchill, Manitoba in Canada. Not normally a destination connected to Montana Cans or the Montana BLACK and GOLD, Chruchill is more known for it’s Polar bear populations which are some of the highest numbers on earth. But in recent times climate change has not only threatened these beautiful creatures, it has also threatened the human inhabitance of the Churchill region. Andreas von Chrzanowski AKA CASE The Rope



With raising temperatures and sea levels, melting ice, unpredicted storms and fragile, normally icy landscapes, the whole region is effected by climate change as infrastructure like roads and railway that were built on what was once stable bases, are now in question, unsafe or even unusable as they are no longer frozen or dry enough to hold weight. The amount of food and supplies able to enter the region is lessoning, so much so that the local communities are themselves under threat of their very survival and existence there. The PangeaSeed Foundation is more than aware of this, as the organization focusses on trying to create awareness of ocean related environmental issues anywhere on the planet. Making Case the ideal artist to work in collaboration with. And thus, “The Rope“. In the mural Case painted, he is trying to depict a local workers plight, to draw attention to the hastily approaching uncertain future for the Churchill people and to try and draw some attention to the outside world in the hope for help and assistance for the status quo. Luckily Case not only documented the work for us, but also a small photographic insight into the world of the local people. Take a look for yourself here:


While taking the pictures of the railroad workers and chatting with them I realized how deeply these people are embedded with their homes. My hope for these hard working women and men is that their voices will be heard and that their goverment and the railroad company will finally support them and their future generations.CASE Maclaim

Images by the artist CASE MACLAIM