The Spanish artist Antonyo Marest is no stranger to the magic and colors of the city Villena, located in Alicante- Spain. The reason for this is that it is a place he calls home. Or at least it was. Although his murals and art-making have taken him across the globe, his new commemorative mural in Vilena titled BOTIN TROPICAL shows there is still a part of him there that allows him to shine.

Recent mural in Villena, Spain

Born in 1987, Anonyo Marest embraces the freedoms of multidisciplinary art-making. With a little help from his energetic Montana GOLD color palette, a scissor lift, and approximately 500m2 of space to play with, Marest’s mural combines many of the elements that he is famous for. The interaction of the human with the natural, geometric abstraction, delicately balanced patterns, and figurative elements such as the palm tree are all conveyed in an almost Miami Vice-inspired color scheme. Many formal art movements appear to be referenced as well a humble nod to the late ’80s and ’90s. All wrapped in a graffiti-flavored contemporary/urban art aesthetic, the mural is now considered the biggest of its kind in the city where he grew up in.

The mural is located on the corner of Calle Maria Sambrano with Calle San Benito, Villena. If you are not lucky enough to make it there in person, take a look here at the photos taken through the lens of photographer @adriana.bonastre.