If you are looking at this blog post and others like it, you are most likely a fine artist, a graffiti writer, an urban artist, a street artist, calligrapher, a designer, typographer or at least a “creative”. You are probably also an experienced or passionate user of Montana GOLD cans and the Montana ACRYLIC range of paints and markers. So asking a question like “are letters obsolete”, may sound like a rhetorical question. For many people with the above-mentioned interests, letters are a source of inspiration, a source of motivation to create, and a celebration of visual language. And besides all that, they are everywhere in just about all areas of our lives. Telling us to do something or be aware of something and everything in between.

For the people at NEUROTITAN GALLERY and SHOP, “ARE LETTERS OBSOLETE” was the title of a recent exhibition from the 14th of December 2019 till January 4th, 2020, which put that very question to the test. The long list of featured artists included Age Age, Otto Baum, Base 23, Belloskoni, Bona, Drury Brennan, Brutus Brecht Calligrafreaks (Naok, ???) Errortypez, Friedrich Forssmann, Daniel Hahn, Intim, Oliver Jeschke OGJ, La Mano Fria, La Letteria, Franziska Lorenz, Detlef Mann, Mina, Meikel Neid, Ostfug, Mario Priester, Push Standart, Rylsee, Somad, Some, Studio Elm, Tika, TotheA, Buchstabenmuseum, Glyph, Lettermarc Nikl(VJ), Olifants and Vesuv.

A celebration of visual language

The show explored many aspects of lettering. From the clean and digital, to the dirty and street-based. The concept of letters and their relevance today was even explored in 2D and 3D. As with most contemporary art shows, there was no easy answer given. And possibly when the viewers left more questions being asked. But one thing is for sure, the idea letters definitely appeared to be a relevant topic for an exhibition.

All images by the Neurotitan Gallery