Last weekends launch in Bristol included a lot of different happenings on the occasion of the Lonely Planet travel guide release. The Arnolfini center for contemporary art hosted the event providing a talk with Colin Day, Ed Bartlett, Ben Eine and Blek le Rat. There were book signings and street art tours going on while Blek le Rat, Ben Eine, Sickboy, Silent Hobo, Deamz and Kid Crayon did impressive live paintings with Montana Cans. The premiere of Saving Banksy found place in the evening when a lot of people came together watching it.

Ed Bartlett, founder of The Future Tense about the event:

”Street art is by nature an ephemeral thing, so the book really represents a unique global snapshot of the scene as it exists today. Bristol has always been an important city for both graffiti and street art, so it’s very fitting to do the launch here with Arnolfini.”

All Images by The Future Tense

About the Book ”Street Art”

The 224-page hardback guide includes interviews, street-art festival information, and hundreds of locations in 42 cities all over the world presented through photography and useful maps. Including interviews with some of the most prolific and well-known street artists such as Blek le Rat, Faile, Vhils, Remi Rough, Nunca and Faith47. As part of the book launch, there are different events planned, which will be announced here:
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