If at first you don’t succeed, try again. The German artist Mr. Woodland knows this all too well. In his local city of Erding, he added persistance to resistance and came up with ARTDING. The ART originating from the many forms of art the muralists derived from (e.g. Graffiti Art, Public Art, Urban Art, Street Art & Fine Art etc.). The DING, the tail end of the cities name where ARTDING Mural Festival would take place. In the town of Kelttham, Erding, Mr. Woodland (DE- organiser and curator), Telmo Miel (NL), ZOER (FR), ATE CREW (DE) and Georgia Hill (AUS), brought with them a wide spectrum of approaches to the notion of public art.

Whether it be Montana BLACK cans, Montana GOLD cans, brushes, rollers, a multitude of acrylic color or just black and white, after two years of planning and organisation the artists were finally given the green light to give the otherwise traditional looking town, a new look.

The new look in Erding, Germany

Not against the wishes of locals however as apart from support by Montana Cans, their were many local council and government bodies whom stood up and got behind the project to make its first step a big one. Take a moment to loose yourself here in the momentum that was the first ARTDING Murals Festival, 2019.

Making of


Telmo Miel, Zoer, Mr. Woodland, Georgia Hill and ATE Crew.