Most towns, countries or cities have a place where locals gather to wet their whistle, quench their thirst or essentially shoot the breeze with a stranger or friend. You may know these places as “the pub” or in Germany “Stube”, but regardless of what names they have, they often play a vital roll in the social lubrication of the local community. ASTRASTUBE GETS THE T-IRON TREATMENT

Check it out for yourself and see how Powerful Anna T Iron is here:

It is then no surprise that such a locality be kept in tact, stay inviting and of course “look” the part. Enter Hamburg artist “Anna T Iron“. She was called on to make her “local”, called the Astra Stube, which needed that special touch to keep the punters happy and the onlookers enthused as to what is in the Stube. With a crate full of Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK and some support from Montana-Cans, she created a whole new visual world which was certain to impress any passer by. Even the weather was on her side providing some warmth under the other wise cool, shadowy wall, that is pleasantly covered by the overhead train line. Not to mention the soul soothing sound of wagons rattling over head.

Film by Claas de Buhr
Music: Ticklish -You got me