Introducing Spanish Graffiti Writer Laia

As you may have seen in recent posts, for some time now, the Spanish graffiti writer LAIA, has been making moves in the realm of European graffiti. With a style that references classic and contemporary graffiti, LAIA has managed to find a balance between lighthearted graffiti with humor, and the serious exploration of modern-day letter-based graffiti writing. Since Montana-Cans have become familiar with LAIA and her work, we have also celebrated the collaboration of the Limited Edition LAIA designed Montana Cotton Bags. Capturing both her style and her message, after the success of the bags “THANK YOU” and “TAKE AWAY“, we thought it might be cool to invite ourselves to spend the day in the sun watching her do her thing. Here is how it went.

A spray date in Barcellona

With only eight Montana BLACK colors at the ready, LAIA chose to lean on the colors Space, Kicking Yellow, Beast, Clockwork Orange, Mouse, Bombay, White, and Black. Regarding the small color selection, the result was big and beautiful, with plenty of smilies to put the viewer in a good mood. Plenty of smooth curves with elegant letter joins take us back to the simple pleasures of graffiti writing. We look forward to what 2021 has to offer for LAIA and where her graffiti journey will take her. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some other LAIA gems to get 2021 started with a smile.

All images by the artist Laia