Berlin is a bustling city of creativity and open mindedness. Art, Music and Technology have a stable home amongst the thoughts, words and actions of the locals. Where there is an idea, there is a project. The Warschauer Straße in Friedrichshain has just experienced a merging of these notions in the form of a massive mural by Anna T-Iron and Felipe Pantone. A merging that resulted in a dynamic creative duo. The artists developed a 180m square wall concept for the release of the Sonos Smart Speakers. Graffiti or street art was the language of choice for the artists to translate the idea of merging music, creation and technology. Berlin on mass Anna T-Iron Felipe Pantone

Six days of hard work and many cans of Montana BLACK and GOLD were used in the creation of the massive work which also merges the unique and renowned styles of Anna T-Iron and Felipe Pantone. From digital pixelation to circulating tonal motifs synonymous with Pantone’s work, to the trade mark palm tree and natural foliage images often popping up in Anna T-Iron’s work, the image was a perfect merge and reflection of the product they were responding to. With a nice set of red lips in the middle to embrace the voice capabilities of the speakers, the result was a pleasing one for both artist and employer.

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