The Montana Cotton Bag series featuring SUPERSPRAY

Is it a coincidence that the German artist SUPERSPRAY would create a BLACK DOG design for the Montana Cans cotton bag series – we think not. Because this prolific maker of all things graffiti, is also known as HOT DOG. SUPERSPRAY’s “BLACK DOG” design for the Montana Cans cotton bag range rings true to his alter-alter ego. It’s hot! The black and orange print on the sturdy, high-quality, white, 100% cotton bag depicts an illustrative dog that has 3 Montana BLACK cans as pupils. With 2 other Montana BLACK cans in hand spraying color into the world, the Montana Cans text spreads above and below the design, making it is safe to say this dog knows what’s up.

The 38 x 42cm Montana cotton bag sizing has become famous for its practical and fashionable presence in the collections of every deserning Montana Cans merch collector. SUPERSPRAY puts a smile on our faces and some inspiration into our days, as we go about our business carrying what we need, when we need.