The Northern English town of Blackburn has long sought to change it’s image and open the minds of locals and visitors. And the medium of choice is the colorful allure of street art and muralism. Just as the BLACKBURN OPEN WALLS organization has intended. For the last three years, the Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans have been used in the adding of color to the local landscape. 2018 saw the inclusion of Case Maclaim, Curtis Hylton, Phlegm, AddFuel, Mr Christa and Isaac Cordal who worked alongside festival regulars Hayley Welsh and Alexandra Gallagher. BLACKBURN OPEN WALLS

Featuring Andreas von Chrzanowski (aka) CASE

In a collaborative effort with Phlegm, Case managed to create an impressive mural with a dark and peculiar origin. His larger then life mural of what appears to be a mine worker with a bird head in his hand, actually originates from a real life experience that Case had in China. While there, he found the head of a pigeon (possibly still attached to its body), poking out of a wall. However the bird was not alive and it looked as though it had been trapped during the bricklaying work of its creation. This dark experience prompted Case to attempt to pay homage to the poor bird, which considering the circumstances is no easy feet. With a positive touch to an otherwise dark experience, take a look at Case’s mural here:

Images by the artist – Case Maclaim