The American city of Detroit has many creative ventures to be proud of within its rich history of music and visual art. The affordable financial conditions of the city made it a welcome home and base for many new, and returning visual artists from all over. All making “the D” their center to create.

“the catalyst for 40 new murals in the North End neighborhood…” 

The BLKOut Walls project is no exception. With their first inaugural mural festival being the catalyst for 40 new murals in the North End neighborhood which also hosted 26 artists. As described by the organizers, the BLKOut Walls Festival inspired enthusiastic engagement from the local communities, local businesses, and the city of Detroit.

Celebrating color in Detroit, in more ways than one

The broad array of Montana BLACK and GOLD cans brought color to the walls via the creators as spectators watched on in amazement. As the murals neared completion and energy flowed to a high, it was clear that the planned BLKOut Walls Festival in the city of Oakland in 2022 will be equally as successful.

Completed over a period of 7 days. the BLKOut Walls Festival Detroit is a planned bi-annual event, that aims to be family friendly while aiming to deliver a 75% quota of black artists, or artists of color. Mirroring the diversity of the people located within the festivals area, in the dynamic city of Detroit.

“Mirroring the diversity of the people…”

We look forward to seeing more from the BLKOut Walls organization, but in the meantime, take a moment and be impressed by the work created at BLKOut Walls Detroit, 2021. Images by BLKOut Walls Detroit