More often than not in todays music, the video clip has art to sell an image. The image of the band, the artists, the dj, or the image someone wants the world to believe of them. Sometimes the music itself becomes secondary and often not even heard at all while the viewer is being distracted by cars, possestions or half naked people. Artist Bond.Truluv and decided to put a switch on this. A switch that make the music influence the art. Loaded with a batch of Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans, a camera and the essential element of funk music from Resistant Minds, Bond set out to create a funky artwork while listening to the music.

Bond.Truluv – When music influences art

The result is none less than funky. In true Bond fashion a complicated, multi facetted design appeared before the lense with the “Bitches Cold Brew” by The Brothers Nylon on repeat in the ear phones, Bond himself was not sure what the funk would happen. See for yourself here.