The German artist BONDTRULUV has been creating his unique take on graffiti since 2000. Twenty years and many, many, empty cans of Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD later, BOND was this year invited to create a mural for the Mannheim open-air mural festival, Stadt.Wand.Kunst – 2020 (SWK). In a recent post, we featured his featured work at SWK titled, “Stairway to Heaven which impressed onlookers beyond expectation. BOND, who is known for mixing everything from classic graffiti style writing, 3D illusions, and realism, added yet another element to this complex work. With much pre-planning, pre-programming, and conceptual consideration, with the use of the ARTIVIVE app, his work became an interactive augmented reality artwork once photographed or scanned in the app. Not something that can be captured in a photo still, it was, however, possible to highlight in the form of a video recap.

A “Stairway to heaven” caught on film

This artwork is a stepping stone for the development of not only street art, but fine art as a whole. Not to mention a head-turner even for the lovers of traditional graffiti. A far departure from the well trampled path of graffiti as we know it, BOND, who is a qualified Anthropologist, is seeking to find new paths that will become the talk of generations to come or even the art history topic of tomorrow. But let’s just live in the moment now and enjoy this artwork in film. Or if you are in Germany, you can find it in Zeppelinstr. 32-34a, 68169 Mannheim.

Photography: Alexander Krziwanie / MontanaCans