Legendary UK artist Bonzai of the “Infamous Last Words” crew recently went on tour to Indonesia to assist the locals on strengthening their local graffiti culture and show them a little about how UK graffiti artist do their thing. In true Bonzai fashion he shell shocked them with his signiture style. Check out what happened while he was in Bandung.

Bonzai-Bdg-0 Bonzai-Bdg-1 Bonzai-Bdg-2 Bonzai-Bdg-3 Bonzai-Bdg-4 Bonzai-Bdg-5 Bonzai-Bdg-6 Bonzai-Bdg-7 Bonzai-Bdg-8 Bonzai-Bdg-9 Bonzai-Bdg-10 Bonzai-Bdg-11 Bonzai-Bdg-12 Bonzai-Bdg-13 Bonzai-Bdg-14 Bonzai-Bdg-16 Bonzai-Bdg-17 Bonzai-Bdg-18 Bonzai-Bdg-19 Bonzai-BDG-full-2