Bridge Jam, Drogheda, Ireland recently ran for it’s 21st consecutive year in a row.  Rask TDA clann is the organiser of the event and is no stranger to the international graffiti community. He shared some words with us about this years event and shed some light on its future.

drogheda rask-02 drogheda rask-03 drogheda rask-05 drogheda rask-06 drogheda rask-07 drogheda rask-08

“Bridge Jam is all grown up now. Last year I had decided that 20 years was a nice round number to bow out and call it a day. I never dreamed when I started this event in 1994 that this little bridge, in this little town, would become so recognised in the global graffiti scene.  I was fully convinced last year that as the song went, “the bridge is over “,  but for several reasons earlier this year I decided to go again. So with virtually nothing but sheer love (and the support of MontanaCans), September 5-6th saw 4 walls get blazed. This year for the first time ever, both sides of the bridge went with the same theme. The classic late 70s blockbuster film that every graffiti writer loves, The Warriors. And they sure came out to play. The walls were dotted with images, slogans and characters from the movie .The side wall got rocked also and our newest river wall was also completely taken out . Artists from England, Scotland, Poland, Ireland and south Africa participated. As far as Bridge Jams have gone, this was one of the good ones ….no, actually one of the great ones. As the people began to leave on Sunday I had already decided that bridge jam 2016 will happen. Lets keep the worlds longest running annual graffiti event going. Maybe 30 years is a nice round number? Thanks to Podge Daley, Cian Copeland and Serk 21 for the action shots. aAs well as all the writers who show up every year and make the walls of my bridge a living, breathing, crazy rollercoaster of paint and good times.” So with this in mind, we can look forward to at least 9 more years of Bridge Jam history making. Check out the images taken over the Bridge Jam weekend and the 2 main wall join-ups.

drogheda rask-09 drogheda rask-10 drogheda rask-11drogheda rask-01Bridge-JAM-082 Bridge-JAM-083 Bridge-JAM-084 Bridge-JAM-085


Bridge-JAM-086 Bridge-JAM-087 Bridge-JAM-088 Bridge-JAM-090 Bridge-JAM-230 Bridge-JAM-233


Bridge-JAM-235 Bridge-JAM-236 Bridge-JAM-241 Bridge-JAM-242 Bridge-JAM-282 Bridge-JAM-293