September 2017 saw the return oft he Montana-Cans supported Bridge Jam in Drogheda Ireland. As the 24th year running the jam prides itself as being the longestconsecutively running graffiti event in the world. Even though they won’t boast about it if you ask. In an array of Montana BLACK cans, a host of Irelands best graffiti talent from the North and the South of Ireland were joined by several guests including Burnon from Denmark , skor from canada , musa and harry bones from Barcelona. The bridge of peace which is divided into 2 sides (town side and park side) is the main surface for the event including some side walls that are spread across the local landscape. The town side was an a style heavy production showing off some of the most active style writers in ireland currently with a tattooed lady photorealistic character and some nice beveled text proclaiming THE BRIDGE JAM. BRIDGE JAM 2017 DROGHEDA IRELAND

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Making Of Images by Karen Smith for “The Bridge Jam Event”

The park side was heavily influenced by one of Montreals finest writers that had recently passed away, Scan. The centre piece was a Scan piece painted by Skor, the background concept was based on his signature canvas work. The piece was overlooked by an eagle and imagery that had a special meaning for Scan. Initially this was to be a suprise but unfortunately Scan lost his fight with illness and passed away as the wall was being painted. The mood was a little somber on Sunday which is traditionally the second day of the jam, but the walls were rocked regardless. A little unseasonally cold, the rainy weather added to the sad mood . By monday the walls were completed in full the sun came out and the vibrant colors and heavy styles were there for all to see. Another year rocked, two more historical walls created.

Final Walls

Final Walls images by Rask for “The Bridge Jam Event”