After World War 2, the American armed forces had a strong presence in German. As peace keepers, their soldiers and staff needed places to live and infrastructure to work with. In many parts of Germany large airbases were created, fences put up and houses built. And these grounds were until recently considered U.S soil. A lot has changed since those days (thank god) and the retreat of the US forces has meant the return of the property to the German people and many cities have empty large army barracks with infrastructure for whole communities, left idol as peace is the modus of day.

A 10 day blast from the archives

For German artist BUMS, this turn in residency had opened up some great opportunities for art making and abstract style development. In 10 days, the artists did 60 pieces all using Montana BLACK and Montana WHITE. Every day for 10 days, the alarm rang early as he went painting before work and after. And on the weekend, rather then letting his trigger finger recover, he upped the pace and multiplied his weekday result. Take a look here before we store these pics in our archive and file them under “Peace/Piece”.

used tools

Montana WHITE 400ml – Synthetic gloss finish lacquer

and Montana BLACK 400ml – NC formula matt finish lacquer – high pressure


photos by BUMS