The Emden bunker gets another lick of paint 

The city of Emden in Ost Friesland Germany has a unique piece of architecture that is a relic left over from WW2. The massive window and almost doorless concrete bunker used to play a strategic role in protecting the citizens of the city which is renowned for its importance thanks to its active port. In 2022, the building also has a contemporary significance with bombing, but this time in the creative form with Montana GOLD and BLACK colors covering its surface during the Emden Bunker Funk graffiti jam.

No windows, few doors – the graffiti writer’s dream

Its dark past is of little concern with its current colorful and interesting present. It’s a graffiti writer’s dream. A series of square and rectangular big blocks without the distractions of windows and doors make up the shape of the Emden bunker which is annually repainted for the Bunker Funk jam. Thanks to the local council and the local OHB crew who organized and collaborated to make things happen.

Block rockin pieces

As with all good meetings in the graffiti community, graffiti style writers from uptown, downtown, and out-of-town all came together to connect the dots in style and friendship. Present on the day were the Jukebox Cowboys, Desk7, Semor, Sbek, Amit 2.0, Rookie The Wierd, Rek, Rafe81, Sign, Disco, Dask FCK, Bers, Eiser, and Venom. But as the saying goes, sometimes a picture tells a thousand words. And in the case of Emden Bunker Funk 2022, the pictures speak for themselves.