Maaseik is a sleepy little Belgian town. That is if you compare it to the tourist filled streets of international destinations like Amsterdam or Antwerp. But aside from the smell of mouth watering Belgian chips, frying away at nearly every shopping strip, Maaseik has a creative pulse that is beating as hard as any big city in Europe! The street smart crews of Getting Up and Fuego Maaseik know this! Thats why from May 25th – 27th 2018, they organised the BURNERS BALL. The reason, to bring some the the heaviest hitting local and international artists together to show the world what Maaseik is made of. BURNERS BALL International Graffiti Jam in Maaseik

work in process

BURNERS BALL International Graffiti Jam in Maaseik

The star studded line up included Swet, CMP One, Made 514, Mr. Wany, Weik, Reser, Aroe, Chas, Nash, Romeo, Mega, ETRS, Sapo, Fish, Mr. June, Duel, Casroc, Deeffeed, Janisdeman, B-Art, Amatic, Ucon, Rise, Dase, Jones and Smok. And if it wasn’t enough to see the vibrant Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans being emptied by this eye catching assortment of artists, then the DJ’s spinning definitely sealed the deal for the onlookers.

Warning- Burners shown here

Final Walls