Remember that time we painted that awesome indoor piece and character with the legendary Can2? No…. me neither, but fellow graffiti artist Baker Oner did. Both these great style writers know their way around a Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD can. Thats why they were chosen to paint some classic graffiti goodness in the Speicher Gallery exhibition in Dortmund Germany.

Speicher Gallery Graffiti wall

With seamless fades and an iconic Can2 b-boy character bracing the middle of the pieces, the wall came to life from the neutral whiteness of the traditional white exhibition cube, to a world class two manner worthy of any train or wall worldwide. With precision, white highlights that would pierce any burner were carefully placed as Can2 brought his piece to it’s completion. The process was captured on film and able to be view here for your visual pleasure. Enjoy the view…Can2 & Bakeroner Graffiti Session