With the goal to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Panama City, and a partnership with Panama City’s Town Hall and the United Nations Development Program, Canvas Urbano 500 began. The project involved seven large scale murals, all done by Panamanian artists across a key avenue in Panama City, Avenida Frangipani, the original borderline between the US Canal Zone and the Panamanian side of the city, which is now home to Curundu, one of the neighborhoods with the most pressing social needs.

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Andi Soto & Amir Lucky

“Street Art as a transformation tool”

With that in mind we did a shortlist of panamanian tales, stories and children’s books and took it to the kids in the community, where through a series of cultural activations, we narrowed into the final literature that would give color to the neighborhood and serve as a final inspiration to the artists. This cultural activations involved introducing the artists and their style to the community, art expositions, public cinema, sport games and civil rights understanding. All of them happened between September and October with the collaboration of the community library, municipality and the Fey Alegria school.

Cas & Sinless

Rolo De Sedas & SM Sanz x TEKS