Initiated in 2011 and now celebrating its 11th annual festival, Hawaii Walls, formerly POW! WOW! Hawaii, has surpassed a remarkable 65 festivals worldwide. From its humble beginnings in Hawaii, the event has grown into a global network of artists, nurturing creativity through gallery shows, lecture series, schools for art and music, live art installations, and large-scale mural projects. The festival traditionally unfurls in the Kaka’ako district of Honolulu during Valentine’s Day week in February, gathering over a hundred local and international artists from around the globe. They unite to create a plethora of art forms, predominantly magnificent murals. This year, the event moved to the Kalihi and Palama districts, communities yearning for positive transformation through public art.

Painting Vibrant Stories, Building Stronger Communities

Under the visionary leadership of founder Jasper Wong, Hawaii Walls aims to uplift underserved areas through the transformative power of public art. A local of the Kalihi neighborhood and a passionate advocate for the community, Wong envisions his hometown transformed and enlivened through the power of art. The festival’s impact radiates beyond the event itself, fostering a sense of pride and belonging in the communities it graces.

As always, Montana Cans, a proud supporter of this initiative for over a decade, played a pivotal role in bringing this artistic vision to life. A multitude of beautiful murals blossomed under the skillful hands of the artists, the vibrant hues of Montana GOLD and BLACK Spray paint breathing life into each creation.

The ensemble of participating artists included – VISITING ARTISTS: 123Klan, Aaron De La Cruz, Abel Gonzales, AlexFace, Alex Solis, AL Grimes, Balloonski, Donx, Drew Merritt, Emjay, GATS, Gian Galang, Giorgiko, GoopMassta, Griffin One, Hiero Veiga, Hula, ILL.DES, Jason Keam, Jay Howell, Ken Flewellyn, Kevin Lyons, Kolten French, La Morena, Lauren YS, Madeleine Tonzi, Max Sansing, Mr B Baby, Muro, OG Slick, Persue, Rabi, Thao Huynh French, Trav, Tristan Eaton and Woes.

LOCAL ARTISTS: 7Sketches, Andrea James, Asalt, Bethany Georges, Boz Schurr, CME, Cory Taum, Devour, DV One, East3, Elizabeth Meinert, Ellemsee, Eric Karbeling, Erin Nagamine, Gary Draws Fish, Gavin Murai, Grace, Jack Soren, Jana Lam, Jesico Serrano, Jesse Velasquez, JT Ojerio, Kai Kaulukukui, Kamele Eskaran, Kaplan Bunce, Katch, Katoe, Kate Wadsworth, Kealakukui, Kris Goto, Lauren Hana Chai, Lucky Olelo, Mae Waite, Marko Livingston, Matthew Tapia, MelonJames, Michael Bennett, Mr. Hahn, Nyte, Oera, Patrick Mizumoto, Ran Noveck, Retsy, Sergio Garzon, Shar Tuiasoa, Solomon Enos, Tonk, Welcome Stranger and Wooden Wave

Photo credits – Brandon Shigeta

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