This March, the graffiti scene around Bruchköbel, Germany, came alive with vibrant displays as the annual “Das Dreckige Dutzend” graffiti jam held at the Bruchköbel Station. The event featured an impressive roster of regional graffiti artists, including Curly & Belt, Amber, Sega, Monkey, Toe, Barok, Streetpop Barbecue, Sean, Easy, Pays1, Speedy, Moin, Dies, Enue, Seuk, Shadow, Yours, Smok, Rufos, Blazin Vibes, who showcased their unique styles and visions.

The artists utilized an extensive palette from Montana’s BLACK and GOLD lines, bringing the urban canvas to life with colors like Koi, Sushi, Amethyst, Seal, Shock Black, and Snow White, while transparent shades added depth and nuance to their pieces. Favorite colors among the artists included Halloween, Merlot, and Shock Black, emphasizing the personal connection between their artistic expression and our range of offerings.

“Das Dreckige Dutzend” is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of the community and collaboration that thrive within the graffiti world. This jam, the first of two planned for 2024, underscores the supportive network, if you want stay connected with the pulse of graffiti through their Instagram and website.

As the organizers say, “Thank you for the ongoing support and trust in what we do, helping us bring these artistic visions to life.” We eagerly anticipate the next jam in September and look forward to seeing how both new and returning artists will continue to express their creativity, celebrating the vibrant culture of graffiti that transforms spaces and communities.