French artist Grems, is not just your average graffiti writer. In the role as curator for the Colorama Festival, it is his job to pull together a world class line-up of urban art, street art and fine artists. Not forgetting a healthy dose of graffiti inspired art. For the 2019 edition of Colorama festival in Biarritz, South of France, he did just that.

With flags flying from all over the world, the artist line-up featured talent from France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel and the UK. Finsta, Alexone, Form76, Swizz, Debza, Soeme, Johanna Olk, Bidrdy Kids, Thiago Tipan, Supakitch, Ernst illm, Dima Korma, Maye, Steven Burke, Pablo Cots, Lucas Beaufort, Ruin, steve Locatelli, Ipno, Dani Garreton, and Hydrane to be exact.

Smiles on faces, colors on surfaces


Powered by Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans, the artists working with a limited color palette all created diverse works. Images varying from classic graffiti inspired works, illustrative, abstract and all the way through to minimal, conceptual and linear work were on display. No one safe from creation as there was even an tattoo element that of course required some crowd participation. Smiles on faces and colors on substrates. It doesn’t get much better than that. Lets take a closer look here.