Recently our buddy and MONTANA-CANS supported artists HOMBRE SUK went on a sunday painting with his brother who captured this nice video clip… enjoy!

“When i recognized the hype of stretching foils in the middle of nowhere the very first time, i was definitely NOT a fan. First of all, the surface was really a bad one to paint on it, and next to this, foil graff was something offered mainly by jams. Something that demonstrated that the organizations are even unwilling to build wooden panels, so the don’t have to take care about construction or disposal. Two things changed my mind: In my opinion, Graffiti has to interact with his surrounding, and no other category offers a similar chance of active interacting and choice of spot. Next to this, i had a conversation with BABAKone from DEDICATED Cologne. He reminded me, that this foils, represents something really essential of our HipHop culture: Creating something out of nothing! Turntables turned into instruments, cardboards into dancefloors, and Streets into galleries. So you could took your canvas at any spot you want. My hometown’s harbor is a longtime love for walking around, lil adventures and explorations. My well picked spot was perfect for the foil project in my head: Great scenery, Interacting with the area and the conditions, relaxed painting, and the chance to let my Brother MIKIS FONTAGNIER circle his new drone over our heads. A visitation of the local watercops turned into a very interested visit and friendly expression of approval. For the drone AND the painting. Was a good day…”