Starting his graffiti career in 2002 as MISM, the German artist now going by the name “CZOLK”, calls the city of Mannheim home. Which is no coincidence as this is also the location of his most recent mural for the ever growing mural festival, Stadt.Wand.Kunst. (SWK). The mural titled “Fenster Zum Hof”, is a homage on many levels. Loosely translated it means, “Window to the courtyard”. On the streets of Jungbusch, the inner suburb of Mannheim with an environment of high rise apartment blocks and view backyards, the street is where life takes place. For a long time now, Yannik CZOLK has been trying to capture the energy of that moment when on a warm day was coming to an end and your mum yelled out the window of the multi-level apartment block you lived in to call you in for dinner.

“Fenster Zum Hof”- giving something back to Mannheim

Using the limited palette of colors inspired by the surrounding buildings, CZOLK used Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK can colors that gave a small nod of respect to the local people. the very people playing, going to the Mosque or church or on their way to the park. Some just cruising around by foot to get some fresh air and the last rays of the setting sun. Take a moment and enjoy the mural here.

“Fenster Zum Hof” is also the name of the the first and only album of the German hip hop group, “The Stieber Twins“. The album released in the late 90’s is now considered a classic for German hip hop heritage and was born only 20 minutes away in the neighboring city of Heidelberg. The album, a sound track to Czolk’s youth, was also a key part in the culture of German hip hop which plays a major role in his art, the culture of Mannheim and the streets of its surrounds.

Photography by Alexander Krziwanie / MontanaCans


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