Dater127 is a German born artists that first smelt aerosol fumes in 1995. After a year of sketching and preparing, in ’95’ the Koblenz and German graffiti scene was set to be his playground. But it didn’t take long for that playground to become without boundaries. In 1997 the name Dater127 was adopted and from there on there was no slowing down. With his constant development of letter style, Dater127 (aka Daniel Schmitz) also expanded his repertoire to characters. And the most beloved in his collection is variations of the ape. Which has it’s closest links to humans.

DATER in Mongolia

World Tour Recap by DATER127

Graffiti without borders


Fast foward to 2006 with many Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans emptied under his belt, Dater127 entered the fold of the international crew, Love Letters. With international crews comes international travel and exchange. And Dater127 benefitted greatly from this idea. Adding to his list of crews is also Stick Up Kids, JPP and AMC. But crews don’t define this artists work, just as a map doesn’t define where he has to do it! Take a look here at his latest international endeavours.

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