Graffiti merges with new media on the island of Corsica

The team at De Renava is led by a mixture of researchers, and experts in architecture, art, and engineering. All of whom come from the south of one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, Corsica. The French island of cors hosts to countless tourists every who venture to the big rock in the ocean to see historical, natural, and cultural wonders. One of them is now also the De Renava Contemporary Art Biennial, which in 2022 successfully launched its first edition.

So what does graffiti have to do with this?

A little clicking around on the internet viewers will soon learn that the De Renava organization is dedicated to the field of video art and experiments related to new technologies. So what does graffiti, writers, urban art, or Montana GOLD or BLACK cans have to do with this? The link in this chain, or rather links, lies within the 14 artists which include international envelope pushers such as Barry McGee and Nunca, with a potent mix of other international and local artists that have managed to turn this captivating island into an international contemporary art space.

An old place for new art

A rich array of natural, monumental, historical, military, and industrial sites give new art an old place to live. But it doesn’t mean it’s all plug-ins and pressing play. McGee also known for his graffiti Moniker Twister, refers back to his constant investigation of characterized heads and patterns based on contrasting colors. With the color of dated television screens projecting their imagery into the space of the 2D, you have a unique place where the old meets the new and becomes something else.

All images by De Renava Art

The host city Bonifacio is a lot more than just a hot spot for air B&B listings. Stay tuned for future creativities thanks to De Renava, and proudly supported by Montana Cans.