Dems33 and Func88 fly the Ultra Boys flag with style and ease. As well as their respective countries of Spain and France. Both sporting styles that are not only innovative, they are eye catchers the world over. Bringing together the old with the new. So what happens if they meet and want to have fun? You just add color! And with a batch of Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD, you have a recipe for good things. Neither Dems or Func are scared of geometry or organic forms. Their letter styles cross conceptual borders by breaking new ground, and yet have a unity when put next to each other. The long lost match for a pair that is yet to exist. DEMS33 FUNC88 VLTRABOYS

For fun, just add color


A visit from these Ultra Boys is a bonus for any unsuspecting surface. Take a look here and see when this dynamic duo get together to create and relate.

All images by the artists