For more than 20 years, Dems333 has been morphing and re-inventing letters and images the world over. Born in Elche, Spain, growing up his world was a mix of palm trees, Star Wars, comics and of course graffiti. His world is a colorful one with the freequent use of Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans. He is not scared to use those colors many are afraid of and always manages to find the right balance, whether neon yellow next to a warm blue. Or that perfect positioning of a soft rendered color scheme on a super opaque white with hard and sharp line work.

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The secret to his success could be a mix of things but two consistent factors appear to be his color combinations and the ability to cross the boundary of studio work with street work, without out either suffering. To the contrary, both seeming to develop and benef from each other.


Dems has had a relatively large arena of recognition around his work including many featured artworks on the Montana-Cans blog. Not forgetting a long list of graffiti and art publications that have featured his work like the classic Graphotism magazine, to a super slick book created by himself called „VISION- The Blackbook of Secrets and Tricks“. Online is no exception as the artist is well celebrated on all the well informed platforms. For anyone has been following his progress, you would be well aware of his works within the Ultra Boys crew context as well as the shift from classic New York influenced graffiti through to the more contemporary works that explore a vibrant, cyber and some what intergalactic feel. His conceptual approach enables his studio work to develop and grow outdoors just as his outdoor work always managed to maintain a thread back into the white cube oft he gallery.

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