The German town of Bremen, like a lot of others, has some amazing architecture that is just right for urban art re-interpretation. Or to put it in another way, there are some cool abandoned buildings there that would be great to paint on. One of these is the old Coca-Cola factory which thanks to the work of DiscART, has had Kunst bis zum Ende on it (Art till the end).

This is the end…

In the final exhibition, before the buildings are torn down and re-developed, the DiscART crew has pulled together a massive lineup of artists from all orientations to decorate the location one last time. With a barrage of Montana BLACK cans, countless square meters of space, both vertical and horizontal has been coated with color one last time.

Corona has maybe added some hurdles to the viewing possibilities of the show, but thanks to Mr. Internet, we have the alternative for you right here. Take a seat and get inspired. And if you’re in the region, go to theDiscART – Kunst bis zum Ende site at  for more information about viewing it in person.

Images by Jasper Wessel & Benjamin Eichler