Create stunning DIY Projects with MONTANA-CANS products! With the Montana GOLD LINE, TECH SPRAYS and ACRYLIC MARKERS you are perfectly equipped for any kind of DIY that might come to your mind. Discover all the possibilities and start your own project with our elaborated product range.

montana gold spray paint

The Montana GOLD spray cans are prefect for any kind of DIY project, especially when layering colors because of their short drying time. The acrylic-based paint is known for its high covering quality. Thanks to the low-pressure of the can, it’s not only great for indoor crafting, but also is a good way for beginners to get accustomed to the can as a crafting utensil. Montana GOLD can be applied on canvas, wood, fabric, concrete, metal, glass or even flexible surfaces. We have a variety of GOLD sprays that feature different characteristics.

The spray paint is renowned for its brilliant fluorescent colors that not only radiate by day, but also glow warmly by night under UV light. It has a color range of 215 different tones in total – with 17 transparent color shades. The transparent tones enable you to achieve greater visual depth and tonal variation. The CHROME EFFECTS are perfect for every decorative use you can imagine. The effect is achieved by having the metallic pigment particles located on the surface of the object you are spraying.

Montana GOLD M 2000 Copperchrome & SH 9000 Black

montana effect sprays

Also, the METALLIC EFFECTS are perfect for universal use – the tones silver and gold matt are metallic color shades which are abrasion- and weatherproof. Montana GLITTER SPRAY provides discrete glitter particles which are encased in a transparent gloss varnish giving objects and artworks of all kinds a refined finish. The glitter particles are carried in a clear base that can easily be covered with many common lacquer types.

Especially our light-sensitive EFFECT SPRAYS come in handy for your next party – or your children’s bedroom. The Montana UV-EFFECT is a transparent effect paint that is only visible under direct UV light. Able to be sprayed on nearly any substrate, the colorless and semi-gloss paint is not visible in sunlight rather illuminates when exposed to UV light with a glowing, blue-purple color. It is ideal for indoor use. The NIGHTGLOW high-grade acrylic paint is a product which contains luminescence-pigments, that store light and emit the light in darkness. For best glow effects use Montana NIGHTGLOW in a completely dark environment without any light sources. Use a strong source of light to load the effect paint temporarily.

Under UV-Light

For any kind of decorative object and furniture we recommend our high-quality MARBLE, GRANIT and CRACKLE EFFECT SPRAYS. Create deceivingly realistic marble and crackle effects with these products. Prior coat your object with the Montana GOLD first for the perfect finish. Integrated in the granit paint, there are fine plastic particles for a deceivingly realistic granite effect.


Montana VARNISH Sprays
To seal any surface, coat it with a layer of VARNISH spray from the Montana TECH line ­­– and you’re finished! No yellowing or de-saturation – and a safe protection against oxidation. It is available in gloss, semi-gloss and matte finish, the gloss level is shown on the donut.

Montana ACRYLIC Line
Finally, get creative with some Montana ACRYLIC MARKERS – they will take your DIY projects to the next level! Because both series are acrylic-based, they’re easily combined. A Montana ACRYLIC marker is the perfect tool to fill in some more detailed designs. The Montana ACRYLIC Marker is available in 36 vibrant colors. The highly pigmented paint is light-fast, high covering, water-resistant and abrasion proof allowing application to almost any surface.


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Montana-Cans DIY Series

Create stunning DIY Projects with MONTANA-CANS products!