Moscow based artist Dmitri Aske had his first solo show in September — October, 2016 in Vladey Space Gallery, Moscow, Russia. The exhibition called Reality 2.0 included eight new artworks made in the artist’s unique technique of a multilayer plywood relief especially for the show. All the works are dedicated to the digital era we are living in, now that the Internet takes up more and more of our time and attention becoming for many people the second reality. The addiction some people have might be even compared to a mother-child relationship. At the same time, as Marshall McLuhan wrote as far back as 1960s, people don’t actually notice how new media entering our lives are gradually changing us.






A person born before the 1990s sees video calls, a ‘computer-in-your-pocket’ phone, and a broadband Internet connection available almost everywhere as materialisation of the future. Meanwhile, the new generation takes all that for granted as a beginning of a new era. In his new body of work, Dmitri Aske reflects our time suggesting that the viewers should contemplate how much all of us are absorbed by Reality 2.0.











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